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    To stay steadfast to our
    fundamental values across Business!
    We use painstaking expertise to
    research business models and dig out obstacles
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    Our vision is to
    deliver goods beyond ordinary!
    Adapt to market and
    strengthen the image of our organization.
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    To keep profound eye on
    the fast-changing realm
    Firming attention, diversifying products
    and growing expenditure.

All About Us

Hajjaj Group of Industries is superiorly engaged in fabricating and processing an ample diversity of products for human usage ensuring the highest quality while being cost effective. The greater part of the products at Hajjaj Group of Industries are finished in the form deliberated for final utilization, such as Bar Soaps, Polythene Bags, Sanitization Products & Disinfectants.

Applied science and experimentation have a share in all our endeavors. Nourishing our consumer is our chief effort. To this, we are inflexible. We use painstaking expertise to research business models and dig out obstacles. Our mastery lies in those products that are fabricated and are selected for a combination of development. We administer our products through wholesalers, retailers, locals and a state wide network of suppliers.

Hajjaj Group of Industries was founded under the aegis of pragmatist Late Haji G Abdul Khader in 1966 and since then the Group has taken wings & soared through many rains & rays. At the epitome of our business pilots a diversified team of staunch, faithful, positive, powerful, dynamic, knowledgeable and accomplished professionals who are devoted to furnishing necessary products to the industry. The success story of our company lies in the robust, experienced, dedicated & dynamic board of members who are committed to engineering high standards of integrity and business principles. Our Industry & Head Office is located in sprawling Kalladka, Golthamajal in Bantwal Taluk which is now an emerging District. Over the last few years the commercial enterprise has observed an expansion in the scope of the Hajjaj Group portfolio.

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Education Trust

Fathima Memorial Education Trust

FMET has established itself as one of the leading family-owned trusts in the region. Golthamajal English Medium (GEM) School is run under this trust.

The school made its humble beginnings in the year 1997. GEM Public School is known for its value-added education in the rural area & provides quality education from Kindergarten to Grade Ten. 600 odd students’ study in our institute annually. The school has been recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka & every year academically students of GEM School come out with great results.

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